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Listen to what our clients are saying to us regarding our website design skills, hosting services and excellent support structure.

vancouver island web solutionsi would like to thank van isle bc web solutions for their great services and support. specificly how paul has helped me out. i am so glad that i hired paul. his help to me on the computer is second to none!!!! i wanted to give up many times, but paul kept me going. he has steered me in the right direction over and over.

ive contacted him at least 75 times maybe more. he is always there to help when i know others would have told me to beat it! i cant believe the patience that man has had with me. he has been the man for me with my computer needs....thank you van isle bc web solutions and espeshly paul!vancouver island web hosting solutions
vancouver island web design
Mike Thompson
Split Shot Charters
vancouver island web solutionsJust wanted to say thank you for the remake of my website and the great support you've provided over the years to me and my company.

Since the remake our sales have increased and our client list has grown substantially. Just what the doctor ordered! Keep up the good work!vancouver island web hosting solutions
vancouver island web solutionsThought I'd drop a line to express how happy I am with all three of my classifieds websites that you have created for me.

I also appreciate the time you take to answer my phone calls regarding certain aspects of web changes that I tried to do myself. Not too many companies these days that will do this (speaking from experience). Once again much appreciated.vancouver island web hosting solutions
vancouver island web design and hosting services
Micheal Smith
Comox Valley Classifieds
vancouver island web solutionsWe were one of the first clients of Van Isle BC Web Hosting! Paul has been taking care of our website and incoming secured email for a few years now. Recently, he's upgraded to a new server, and in turn, upgraded our website as well.

Paul is always approachable, and willing to help with any concerns you might have. If he is not immediately available, he will return your call as soon as he is able. I do not believe I've waited any more than 24 hours for a response.

Paul has even called us at home when we have a business concern, and immediately makes changes as required. He has even offered to help me learn to make changes on my own. I truly appreciate the personal attention we get dealing with Van Isle BC Web Hosting. I'd recommend his services to our business and personal associates.vancouver island web hosting solutions
vancouver island web design and hosting solutions
Deb McColl
Van Isle Food Equipment
vancouver island web solutionsHi Paul, on behalf of the Gold River Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail on our website.

Our directors are very satisfied with your company's management of our website.vancouver island web design and hosting solutions
van isle web design and hosting solutions
Tom Rasmussen
Gold River Chamber of Commerce
vancouver island web solutionsHello Van Isle Web Solutions! Just wanted to give a shout out to Paul for his unbelievable support and patience.

I am impressed with the professional way you conduct your business and the prompt answering of all my questions. I am no website guru and it is very comforting to know that I don't have to worry about this aspect of my business.vancouver island web design and hosting solutions
van isle web design and hosting services
Murdo McColl
Chief Bottlewasher
Tryangle Mechanical

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