Spammers and Hackers What Can You Do

Spammers and hackers, what can you do? Read this blog post and we'll show you some tips on how to stop spam from getting to your inbox.

Paul Smith

van isle web solutionsSpammers and Hackers are becoming increasingly frustrating these days as website and server owners try to mitigate their overall impact on their assets.

Spam emails are responsible for over 14.5 billion messages per day globally ( meaning 45% of all emails sent are spam.

Strong Keywords in Your Content

SEO Tutorial Part Four

Paul Smith

Welcome to the fourth post of our series "Search Engine Optimizing Your Page for Top Rankings". This part will focus on using strong keywords inside your content to increase optimization.

How Important is Your Headline to SEO

SEO Tutorial Part Three

Paul Smith

Because your headline is the first thing someone sees when looking at your webpage you need to place your main keyword inside it and make it entice the reader to want to see more of your page. Your headline is also very important to the search engines for ranking your page.

Description Tags and SEO

SEO Tutorial Part Two

Paul Smith

Even though the description tags do not gain your website any ground in search engine rankings they are very important for getting click thoughs on search engine result pages from potential clients or customers. Do not over look the importance of this by making your description too short.

Paul Smith

Optimizing your web page for search engines is a very important fundamental step that everyone should perform before uploading your page to the world wide web. We will start this series with the basics on the "Title" in part 1.

This will be an ongoing series to describe all the following steps below when creating your web pages.

Hot Mail Issues

Email Mailing List Information

Paul Smith

After receiving a numerous amount of support tickets from you regarding email issues with non-delivery of emails, we finally figured out what was going on. Apparently the previous owner of the ip address was a spammer and as we all know (or should) they like to move around from ip address to ip address to keep ahead of those trying to stop them from plying their wares. As this cannot be avoided it becomes a painful experience when your host (us) has to try and convince the owners of the black list that we are indeed who we say we are and not anyone malicious.